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Extended Run Fuel Tank
Operation Manual

Strict adherence to these operating instructions is required for the safe operation of the extended run fuel tanks. If you follow these instructions you should never have to refuel your generator in the course of a normal work day.

CAUTION: Do not attempt to refuel the generator tank. Fuel spillage while refueling a hot generator
is an extreme fire hazard and can lead to personal injury.
Refuel the extended run fuel tank instead.


Assembly Instructions

The Extended Run 14 Gallon Fuel Caddy come complete and requires no assembly. The 16 Gallon Extended Run Fuel Tank arrives completely assembled except for the castors and tilt-stop plate (pictured above) which have been removed for shipping. Simply re-attach the castors and tilt-stop plate with the carriage bolts provided and you are ready to go.


Set-Up Instructions
Extended Run Fuel Tanks

    - Fill the remote fuel tank and the generator's onboard fuel tank with gas.

    - To purge air from the fuel system you must initially turn the fuel valve lever on the generator to the "On" position.

    - Connect the remote tank to the generator with the arrow on the prime bulb pointing towards the generator.

    - Open the vent on remote tank.

    - Open the Dual Brass Fuel Shutoffs at base of remote tank (14 Gallon Fuel Caddy Only.)

    - Pump the prime bulb until it feels firm (about 4 times.)

    - Start generator according to the Owner's Manuel instructions.

    - Move the fuel valve lever on the generator to the "Off" position.

    - Generator will now draw fuel from the remote tank and is ready for operation.

    - Should the remote tank run out of fuel, turn the fuel valve lever on the generator to the "On" position to draw fuel from the generator's onboard fuel tank.

Additional Set-Up Instructions 16 Gallon Extended Run Fuel Tank

Use the hand-truck/stand to transport fuel tank to set. Remove the tank restraining strap and step the fuel tank out of the hand-truck/stand. Note: do not completely un-do the restraining strap - maintain the closed loop.

CAUTION: be sure the second strap holds the quick-connect end coupler of the supply line above the fuel level in the tank to avoid fuel spillage.

With one hand on the fuel tank at all times, spin the hand-truck/stand around 180 degrees and slide it so that the tilt-stop plate engages the indent on the bottom of the fuel tank.

With one hand on the fuel tank at all times, pull the restraining strap through the hand-truck/stand and loop over the fuel tank. Pull the end of the restraining strap to strap the fuel tank securely against the hand-truck/stand.

Tilt the hand-truck/stand to a horizontal position. Note: for proper operation the hand-truck/stand should be level and the top of extended run fuel tank should be no higher than the top of the generator. Loosen the restraining strap and free the quick-connect coupler end of the fuel supply line.

Position the side of the generator with the male Quick-Connect connector along side the hand-truck/stand. Connect the fuel supply line to the generator by depressing the lever of the female Quick-Connect coupler and sliding it onto the generator male Quick-Connect connector.

Prime the system by squeezing the bulb on the fuel supply line several times so that the fuel line fills with fuel. Now follow the general instructions detailed above.


Refueling Instructions

Standing on the side of the hand-truck/stand opposite the generator, refuel the extended run fuel tank rather than the generator fuel tank. If the generator ran out of fuel, prime the system by squeezing the bulb on the fuel supply line several times so that the fuel line fills with fuel.


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Our HD P&P Pkg. capitalizes upon the following technological advances in lighting and production technology by
Mole Richardson, K5600, Power to Light, Kino Flo, and Honda.
    - More efficient and compact HMI, Quartz, and now Fluorescent Par Lights.
    - Brighter and more efficient "short arc" HMI bulb designs.
    - 120/240V Electronic HMI ballasts with Power Factor Correction.
    - Cool burning, energy efficient Fluorescent Lighting Fixtures.
    - Innovative new rigging hardware.
These technological advances in lighting design now enable the use of bigger lights, or more smaller lights, off of standard wall outlets or off a new generation of quieter and more powerfull Honda Inverter Generators. Click here for more detailed information on our HD P&P Pkg.



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