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Auxillary Fuel Tanks

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Here is some information on a new modification we have for our 7500W Honda EU6500is and 10kw EB10000 generators that enables you to use a larger external auxiliary fuel tank to run for an entire production day without refueling. Honda's Eco-Throttle makes the EU6500is and EB10000 incredibly fuel efficient. They will each run about 4.5 hrs at rated load on a tank of gasoline. So that you never have to interrupt shooting to refuel, we have developed two accessory Extended Run Auxillary Fuel Tanks. Both tanks require that we install a fuel pump in the generator ($345.00.) But once your generator has been modified with a fuel pump, you simply set it and forget it. Our Extended Run Auxillary Fuel Tanks offers these other benefits:

Our 14 Gallon Fuel Caddy ($199.95) has built-in 6 inch wheels (pictured immediately below.) While, our 16 Gallon Auxillary Fuel Tank ($499.95) includes a versatile Hand Truck/Stand (pictured below.) The Hand Truck/Stand not only enables the easy transportation of a full fuel tank to set, it also enables one-man to easily set up an auxiliary fuel system, and positions the fuel tank at an optimum height.

The 6" wheels built-into our 14 gallon Fuel Caddy enables enables enough fuel
for an entire production day to be transported to set with ease.

Quick Connect fuel line couplers enable fast but safe set up of the fuel tanks. A pin and sleeve connection with a spring-loaded gasket, the Quick Connect female couplers on our auxillary fuel tanks engage easily and securely with the male couplers built into the frame of the generator without leaking fuel.

Versatile hand-truck/stand transports 16 gallons of full to set with ease
as well as serves as stand for the Extended Run Fuel Tank

A squeeze bulb enables easy priming of the fuel system. Once the system is primed, the fuel pump will draw fuel from the extended run tank into the generator. An easily visible large fuel gauge indicates fuel level.

For fast but secure connections our Extended Run Fuel Tanks feature Quick Connect female fittings
on the fuel line and male fittings built into the frame of the generator.

The greatest benefit, however, to our Extended Run Auxillary Fuel Tanks are that they allow for safe hazard free operation of the Honda EU 6500is generator for extended periods of time. By eliminating the need to refuel the generator in the course of a production day, our Extended Run Fuel Tanks eliminate the extreme fire hazard inherent in refueling a hot generator.

Our Extended Run Fuel Tanks feature a Fuel Gauge
and Squeeze Bulb for easy priming of the system.

Countless personal injuries have resulted from fires that have started from fuel spilled on a hot generator while refueling. Our Extended Run Fuel Tanks eliminate the necessity of refueling the generator; and if you do need to refuel the generator, you can do so at a safe distance by refueling the Extended Run Fuel Tank rather than the generator fuel tank. OurQuick Connect fuel line couplers even enable you to disconnect the auxillary tank from the generator and easily transported to a gas station for refilling If necessary. Use this link for details on the safety benefits and operation of our Extended Run Fuel Tanks.

Our Extended Run Fuel Tanks enable the safe refueling of the Generator while running.

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Our HD P&P Pkg. capitalizes upon the following technological advances in lighting and production technology by
Mole Richardson, K5600, Power to Light, Kino Flo, and Honda.
    - More efficient and compact HMI, Quartz, and now Fluorescent Par Lights.
    - Brighter and more efficient "short arc" HMI bulb designs.
    - 120/240V Electronic HMI ballasts with Power Factor Correction.
    - Cool burning, energy efficient Fluorescent Lighting Fixtures.
    - Innovative new rigging hardware.
These technological advances in lighting design now enable the use of bigger lights, or more smaller lights, off of standard wall outlets or off a new generation of quieter and more powerfull Honda Inverter Generators. Click here for more detailed information on our HD P&P Pkg.



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