As Not Seen
on TV

You won't see
the Porta-Grid Clamp

NBC's Prime Time Show "ED"

because they're rigging
4'x 4 Bank Kino Flos
securely out of shot
on the show's
bowling alley set.

The "ED" Gaffer
P. Brooke Stanford says
the Porta-Grid is the best
means of rigging heavy
lights, like 4' Kino-Flos,
on sets with drop ceilings.

Key Grip Ken Fundus
loves the flexibility that
the Porta-Grid Grip
Accessories give him
when it comes to
cutting lights rigged
with the Porta-Grid.

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Porta-Grid System

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The Porta-Grid System is registered w/ U.S.Patent & TM Office.

"Unless you can hang your lights where they need to be, your lighting isn't all that it can be. The Porta-Grid Clamp gets you all the way there" - Guy Holt, Gaffer

The Porta-Grid System turns any ordinary drop-ceiling into a full blown studio grid. The rock solid Porta-Grid clamp attaches to any standard drop-ceiling "T" Channel (click on pic.#1 or any pic.for more details); and will support the weight of even a 5k Fresnel (pic.#8). With a full complement of extension hangers, risers, offsets, grip arms, flags, and nets, the Port-Grid System gives you studio control where ever there is a drop ceiling - which is just about everywhere these days.

Even without its' grip accessories, the Porta-Grid Clamp alone is, without a doubt, a better, more stable means of rigging lights to a drop-ceiling grid. Its innovative design actually binds the ceiling grid together, for a more secure and stable rig, that's capable of carrying more weight. Once the light is set and focused, it will not tilt when you let go - like old fashioned scissor clips do (click on pic.#1 for more details on Clamp alone).

The Porta-Grid Clamp can be rigged so that the light hangs below the ceiling, or so that the light sits above the ceiling - assuring that backlights won't creep into your shot. It also accepts a large assortment of drop-down extensions and risers so that a light can be rigged at whatever height is required for optimum effect. If space is tight above the ceiling, there is even a right angle offset that enables you to cram a light into a narrow space (pic.#3).

Once securely rigged to the drop-ceiling grid, the Porta-Grid Clamp can slide on the ceiling's "T" channel, enabling you to make broad adjustments in light placement on one axis. While, the Porta-Grid Light Mount can slide in the clamp's channel, enabling you to make adjustments in light placement on the other axis as well. Without a doubt, this capability to quickly, yet safely, position a light virtually anywhere in space, above or below a drop-ceiling, is part of what makes the Porta-Grid System revolutionary.

Not only does the Porta-Grid System enable you to rig a light virtually anywhere, it also enables you to safely rig just about any light. There are Porta-Grid light mounts to rig lights with 5/8" Baby receivers, 1 & 1/8" Jr. Studs (pic.#4), and even lights with pipe clamps (pic.#5). When a number of lights need to be clustered together, there is even a mount to rig speedrail pipe or Porta-Grid channel between two Porta-Grid Clamps (pic.#6).

To safely support heavy loads (pic.#7), the Porta-Grid System features innovative strain relief accessories - including an assortment of quick mounting clamps, adjustable straps, and cable hangers (pic # 11) - designed to quickly and easily transfer the load off the drop-ceiling grid and onto the framing above (pic.#8). Without a doubt, the Porta-Grid strain relief accessories open up whole new possibilities for lighting from drop-ceiling grids. You can now rig not only larger lights, but also more lights and grip hardware, than had ever been possible before.

It's capability to rig just about any light fixture, anywhere above or below a drop ceiling, is only half of what makes the Porta-Grid System revolutionary. For great lighting, you must also be able to shape and modify the light itself for optimum effect. The Porta-Grid System offers just such control with a large assortment of grip accessories designed specifically for cutting and modifying lights rigged into drop ceilings. The Porta-Grid line of gobos include small flags, nets, dots, and fingers sized to fit the cramp working space found above drop ceilings (see picture above). It even includes large collapsible gobos that are extremely light weight. To further enhance the grip capability of the Porta-Grid System, we have supplemented our line with the innovative LightBreak line of printed pattern gobos (pic.#9).

But, without a doubt, the key to the extensive grip capability of the Porta-Grid System is our exclusive Articulating Grip Arm. Featuring the same "Posi-Lock" connection as the Porta-Grid light mounts, the Articulating Grip Arm enables quick, yet safe, rigging of multiple gobos on the same clamp as the light (pic.#2). This capacity offers unparalleled capability in a drop ceiling hanger, to chop, silk, net, tease, and breakup a light.

The Porta-Grid System is revolutionary, not only because it can greatly enhance the lighting design on locations that have drop-ceilings; but also because it can greatly enhance camera movement. By bringing sophistication and control to lighting from the ceiling, the Porta-Grid system eliminates the usual forest of C-stands on the floor - allowing for more creative freedom in camera movement. Light placement need no longer be compromised by camera movement; and, camera movement need no longer be compromised by light placement. The Porta-Grid System is revolutionary because it opens up whole new possibilities for both lighting and movement that never existed before on locations with drop-ceilings.

To show you how a simple thing, like the Porta-Grid Clamp, can make such a big difference in the overall production values of a project, we'd like to demonstrate using nationally recognized productions that have recently used the Porta- Grid System - they include NBC's Prime Time Drama "ED", DirecTV Sports' NFL Preview 2002, and TNT's Nascar Trackside - as well as, regional commercial spots and independent films. Click here for more information. You will be rewarded with a wealth of insight into how to achieve the best lighting you can when shooting under drop-ceilings.

Porta-Grid system components are available at a discount, in a variety of configurations, in kit form (see Kits & Packages). Kits range from the "Basic" three clamp kit to the versatile "Feature" Kit (pic.#10). When you have to travel light, but still need extensive grip capability, one of our small kits, with the addition of a few collapsible flags and nets, can make for an extremely compact and effective grip package. Corporate video shooters, who almost always shoot under drop-ceilings, can cut the number of bulky C-stands they carry, and increase their grip capability, by traveling with one of our compact and lightweight Gaffer or DP kits.

The Porta-Grid System also offers a cost effective and turnkey solution to the problem of outfitting office space for video streaming over the internet. By eliminating the need for the costly structural changes typically required to outfit a space for traditional movie lights, the Porta-Grid System can save both time and money (click on pic.#12).

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