Our Studio offers all the amenities required for a successful shoot. The 40'x 60' stage is conveniently located within Rt 128, in Dedham, and features a 17.5' high - 60 circuit power distro, 530 Amps of power (with a 300 Amp camlock drop), a 70' 3-wall wrap-around hard cyc, 40' 2-wall black stage curtain, and 12' wide drive-in access. Use of a control room, make-up room, client lounge/ dining room are also included. We offer four discounted lighting and grip equipment packages, as well as electronic dimming of up to 24-2.4k channels.

Other services that are available include multi-camera switching packages, fiber optic transmission, and satellite uplink and downlink services. We will paint the studio for Chroma Key (Green), Ulti-matte (Blue), White Limbo (TV. White), and Black Limbo (Black), for a reasonable fee.

We also offer set elements for use in our studio. The set elements are modular in design and feature elaborate architectural detailing with natural wood grain, crown moldings, chair rails, and baseboards. The windows have divided lights and are recessed with a large natural wood grain sill and paneling on the sides and top. The complete set consists of two windows, a working door, a non-working closest door, an 8x12 wall flat w/built-in bookcase, 6 - 4x12 wall flats, 2 - 8x12 wall flats, & 4 - 4x12 ceiling panels. The set components can be mixed and matched to make an upscale office, library, dining room, living room, or bedroom set. Other styles of set interiors available upon request.

Studio Limbo Packages

Of our four studio lighting packages, our studio Limbo Packages are, without a doubt, the best deals in town for white limbo, chroma key, and ultimatte studio shoots. What makes them so good? We've pulled together the best lighting and grip equipment for the job; discounted it over 50% as a package; and made it available in an optimum studio space.

The Large Limbo Package (pictured at left) is a heavily discounted package of lighting and grip equipment designed specificly to light all 70' of our three wall hard cyc, and the floor, to a high key level for White Limbo, Ultimate Blue, or Chroma Key Green shoots. Click for more details & pictures)

For a more economical approach, we also offer a Small Limbo Package which will light just the 40' back wall cyc and the floor to a moderately high and even key level. Both Limbo Pkgs. work equally well for Ultimate Blue, or Chroma Key Green shoots.

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