Of our four studio lighting packages, our Large Limbo Package is, without a doubt, the best deal in town for white limbo, chroma key, and ultimatte studio shoots. What makes it so good? We've pulled together the best lighting and grip equipment for the job; discounted it over 50% as a package; and made it available in an optimum studio space.

The Large Limbo Package consists of four 5K Skypans through a 20x20 Overhead Silk for soft even base light; eight 3 bank/1k cyc strips for even illumination of the studio cyc walls; a Baby 10k Fresnel through an 8x8 frame of Light Grid Cloth for a large soft even key; a 4k Studio Super Softlight for fill; and all the additional hardware needed to hang backlights and kickers below the silk.

The studio's high 20' ceiling and 17.5' high grid gives ample working height so that you can shoot wide without the silk or backlights dipping into shot (see photo on left); and its 70 feet of hard cyc, wrapping around three walls, gives the illusion of seemingly endless space from almost any camera angle within its 60'x40' dimensions.

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