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Tony and Ridley Scott (Scott Free Productions) filmed their 20 million dollar film “Tell Tale” in Providence, RI this last spring. Directed by Michael Cuesta (Six Feet Under) and starring Josh Lucas (American Psycho) and Lena Headey (300), the film is inspired by the classic Edger Allan Poe (top left) story “The Tell-Tale Heart.”

Josh Lucas plays Terry

The contemporized adaptation sees Lucas starring as Terry, a single father whose recently transplanted heart leads him on a frantic search to find the donor's killer before a similar fate befalls him.

East Providence set of "Tell Tale"

For “Tell Tale”, ScreenLight & Grip provided both the rigging and shooting lighting packages along with a 48' Production Trailer.

SL&G's 48' Electrics Trailer

With diesel fuel at historically high prices, we saved the producers of “Tell Tale” the thousands of dollars they would have spent on drivers, road accommodations, and fuel to bring the lighting package in from outside New England. Where we provide competitive pricing and better support locally, it no longer makes sense to truck packages in from outside New England.

Electrics Trailer at Providence's Historical Train Station set

To make loading quick and easy, our Production Trailers feature extra large power tailgates and an interior/exterior work-light systems. To efficiently organize feature size production packages, our 48’ Production Trailers are outfitted with customizable rack shelving, oversized belly boxes, and modular equipment handling technology. We outfit them with Backstage Equipment Carts, hampers (w/ oversized casters), muscle trucks, and we can stock them with a complete inventory of expendables.

SL&G's 48' Electrics Trailer is Outfitted w/ Back Stage Equipment Carts

Efficiently deploying lighting and grip packages from 48’ production trailers can be a challenge without support vehicles. This is especially true in old New England cities where it is quite often difficult to get production trailers close to set. To deploy packages, we can provide support vehicles such as Straight Trucks with onboard 1400A Crawford Generators, 1-Ton Stakebed Trucks with lift gates, ˝ -Ton Pick Ups, and Crawford 1200A Tow Generators.

10-Ton w/ Onboard Crawford 1400A Generator & 1/2-Ton Pick-Up

To provide a basic shooting crew package close to set when a trailer won’t fit, we can outfit your production with a 10-Ton Electrics Truck with an onboard generator. The sound blimped 1400A Crawford Generator on our 10-Electrics Truck can provide ample power close to set (where a trailer won’t fit), while its box provides immediate access to a package of equipment of the variety that would not be pre rigged - but, instead be required by the shooting crew at the last minute.

1-Ton Stakebed loaded w/ Grip Pkg.

A 1-ton Stakebed is ideal for shuttling equipment from a trailer to set, carrying a satellite package, towing an additional generator, or dropping a rigging package at the next location.

1200A Crawford Tow Generator

An additional tow generator will greatly reduce the amount of cable to run which can be a great benefit if you do not have the capacity to carry miles of cable, nor the rigging crew to deploy it. It also affords you priceless piece of mind knowing that there is backup if the primary plant goes down.



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