SL&G 12-Ton Package on Location
Grip Truck foreground - Electrics Truck background

ScreenLight & Grip’s 12-Ton pkg. is scaled to the requirements of commercials, episodic television production, and the new requirements of feature production in High Definition. Considerably larger than our 10-Ton Truck, our 12-Ton Pkg. is a heavily discounted, feature style, lighting and grip equipment package efficiently organized in over 80' of custom truck shelving and equipment carts. In the style of feature production, we have divided our 12-Ton Pkg. into two separate box trucks - a 22' box dedicated just to grip and a 20' box, with onboard 1400A blimped generator, dedicated just to electrics. Each truck is built-out with custom shelving, jockey boxes, and equipment handling technology suited to that department.

Electrics Truck w/ Crawford 1400A Generator

In the style of feature production, SL&G has dedicated a 34’ International 9700 Cab Over Diesel (52000lb GVW) Straight Truck, with a 20' box and onboard Crawford 1400A Generator, just to electrics. “There are a number of cost benefits to a single piece electrics/generator truck, ” Explains Guy Holt, Owner/Operator of ScreenLight & Grip. “In the style of feature production each department has its own truck. Set up time is reduced because you don’t have to park and drop a generator before you can open the tailgate. But, most important of all, a single piece truck will have half the footprint of a truck with a separate tow genny, which is a major consideration in the congested downtowns of New England Cities,” explains Guy Holt.

Electrics Truck w/ Custom Shelving, Jockey Boxes, & Equipment Carts

Considerably larger than the electrical pkg. of a 10-Ton Truck, the inventory of ScreenLight & Grip’s 12-Ton electrics truck consists of state-of-the-art feature style lighting and distro equipment efficiently organized in over 40' of custom truck shelving, four jockey boxes, and eight equipment carts.

Electrics Truck Feeder Cable Inventory

A large assortment of equipment handling technology assures quick set up and wrap times. Equipment carts (three head carts and a Stand Cart) efficiently organize lights and stands on the truck or on set. Cable carts (two cable/muscle trucks, two rolling cable bins, and four hampers) facilitate the laying out and wraping of a large inventory of cable and distro boxes.

Electrics Truck Distro Box Inventory

A 3-Phase 5-Way Cam Spider Style Electrical Panel on the Crawford 1400A Generator enables the efficient distribution of power to both set and base camp. A large inventory of 4/O and 2/O Feeder Cable will deliver up to 1200 Amps of power to sets up to 450’ from the generator. For set distribution, the 12-Ton electrical package consists of a large assortment of state-of-the-art Cam Style 5-Way Spider Boxes, 600A Feed-Thru Boxes, & 300A Distro Boxes.

ScreenLight & Grip’s electrics truck also features a 5'x8' Flat Floor/Full Height (7'6") Cab w/ wall mounted High Definition flat screen monitor, 7' engineering counter, ample AC power, Air Conditioning, and Black Out Curtains - making it ideal for HD Engineering Control. "We've designed what is probably the first HD compatible Electrics Truck,” says Guy Holt.

The Viper "Film Stream" High Definition Camera

The maiden voyage of ScreenLight & Grip's electrics truck was on Moody Street Pictures' production of "The Shuttle" - a 2 million dollar feature shot in High Definition with The Viper "Film Stream" digital cinematographic camera (pictured above).

Stunt Double prepares to be run over by shuttle in chroma key effects shot

Use this link for more information on the seven week production with ScreenLight & Grip's 12-Ton Pkg. In addition to High Definition feature productions like “The Shuttle”, ScreenLight & Grip’s new 12-Ton Electrical Pkg. is capable of handling the production requirements of large commercials, episodic television productions, and the second units of large features. For large feature productions ScreenLight & Grip can provide a 48’ production trailer towed by a tractor with onboard twin pack 1000A generators at competitive prices.

SL&G's Electrics Truck & the U.S.S. Constitution

SL&G demonstrated the production capability of its Electrics Truck on a recent production for PBS’ “Electronic Field Trip” featuring Laura Bush. An educational series that is broadcast during the school day, and streamed into schools over the internet, “Electronic Field Trip” features a different National Park each episode. In addition to live satellite casting from the Carlsbad Caverns, this episode of “Electronic Field Trip” included Laura Bush leading a 4th grade class, garrisoned in the Mess Hall of the Navy Barracks overlooking the U.S.S. Constitution, in science experiments having to do with cave geology.

Laura Bush, Director of the National Park Service & President of Ball State University

Given the importance of their special guest and the scenic setting outside the windows, the show's producers called upon Guy Holt, who is also a working lighting director, to tackle the difficult task of creating flattering light on the First Lady, while balancing the interior lighting to the exterior, so that the USS Constitution could be seen clearly outside. To make the task even more difficult, the Program's Director did not want the television lights to be visible. He was fearful that the Secret Service would jettison the First Lady's participation if the room looked like a hazardous movie set.

Guy Holt created remarkable results using the Porta-Grid System he developed several years ago and a lighting package that consisted of Kino Flo Flat Head 80s and 4k HMI Par "book" lights.

SL&G's Electrics Truck & Ball State U. Production Truck in front of Navy Barracks

The 1400 Amp Crawford Generator on SL & G's new Electrics Truck powered the lights, the Satellite Uplink Truck and Production Truck (click here for more details). Without a doubt, SL&G demonstrated to the producers of "The Shuttle" and “Electronic Field Trip” that they have the resources and talent to support productions of all types.